06 - 08 December, 2022    Sarit Expo Centre, Nairobi

Kenya Innovation Week 2022

This KIW Edition builds on the foundation set by the inaugural KIW and creates a platform for knowledge transfer across the globe.

2022 Theme

Connecting Innovations GLocally

Thinking Globally, Acting Locally.
KIW creates a pathway for Kenyan innovations to dominate the world as part of the effort to shine a global light on local innovations.
From Kenya to the World and the World to Kenya

Kenya Innovation Outlook Report Launched

Kenya Innovation Week (KIW) is a flagship innovation forum for the country run by the Kenya National Innovation Agency. It seeks to showcase the innovativeness of Kenyans under which the national priorities of the Vision 2030 will be advanced.

KIW intends to champion relevant policy engagements on innovations within institutions while promoting practical skills necessary to create innovations that impact people. In addition, Kenya Innovation Week purposes to strengthen the research and commercialisation practices for greater socio-economic impact. To achieve its objectives, Kenya Innovation Week 2021 convened the local governments, private sector, development partners, media and civil society in order to capitalise in as much shared value as possible.

Thematic Tracks

KIW will run in 6 thematic areas championed by strategic KIW partners.
These tracks will culminate in 6 summits at the event in December.

Skills & Talent for Innovation Skills & Talent for Innovation
Skills & Talent for Innovation

Skills & Talent for Innovation.

Innovation Skills are vital, as the basic input to the diverse national innovation system. The summit focuses diagnosing the efforts and successes in diffusing the right skills including competence based curriculum, problem based approaches, design thinking, digital skills, innovation leadership, talent development, futuristics skills, the future of work and talent mobility. In addition, the summit explores mechanisms to breaking silos and building bridges between academia and private sector, Government, academia and informal sector.

4IR & Digital Transformation 4IR & Digital Transformation
4IR & Digital Transformation

4IR & Digital Transformation.

The focus of the track will be on 4th Industrial Revolution and Digital Transformation whereby digital technologies give us opportunities to create new or modify existing user experiences, processes, or culture to meet changing business and market requirements. New technologies are being applied in private sector, academia, Government and even in civil society. Furthermore, there is evidence of impacting the future in many ways. The summit will specifically explore infrastructure dimensions, deployment experiences, technology transfer and agile governance.

Commercialisation Commercialisation


This track focuses on strengthening best practices and systems for good research and commercialisation, ranging from national guidelines, institutions systems and programs as well as individual capacities and resources. Research to Commercialisation requires a wide range of skills and partnerships. The summit attempts to bring the players together and expose the various linkages that make commercialisation thrive. This is part of the ST&I, research as well as higher education sectors reform trajectory to exploit research and intangible assets as a substantive alternative source of revenue.

Startup Kenya Startup Kenya
Startup Kenya

Startup Kenya.

This track focused on startups from across the country, aiming to link the most promising startups to investors and funders. There are multiple support programs rolled out by Government, private sector and partners. Associations also provide coordination and support mechanisms. The Startup Kenya summit brings together all these relevant stakeholders to strengthen the startup movement. This is in line with KeNIA's mandate of developing and managing the national innovation system.

Innovations in Public Sector Innovations in Public Sector
Innovations in Public Sector

Innovations in Public Sector.

This track demonstrates the KIW's team appreciation that, just as it is with private sector, innovation can be a major booster for productivity, improvements and cost savings in public sector. Innovating in public sector is seen as a critical element of economy-wide innovation performance. The summit will demonstrate examples of opportunities to develop stronger innovation policies and strategies relating to the public sector, the institutional conditions necessary for generating innovations and cases of innovations that are thriving in the sector.

Students' Innovations Students' Innovations
Students' Innovations

Students' Innovations.

This track focuses on various efforts by students to create products and enterprises that address challenges in society. When well guided, students in high school and college, have potential to create user-centered, disruptive innovations that have the potential to impact people and society. This summit will include partner organisations that support Students' innovations, faculty and teachers and the actual innovators. Selected students will have opportunities to pitch their work and be inspired by industry leading experts and partners.

Explore Pavilions and Exhibitions
at KIW 2022

With country-level pavilions and plenty of booths to explore, KIW2022 showcases a wide range of innovations, products and services from global innovators and enterprises.


What Happened at KIW 2021

During the week, there were many events across many counties so as to give the period and agenda a significant national outlook.
Universities, research centres, private sector companies, development agencies, innovation and incubation hubs across the country ran relevant activities in their localities.

KIW 2021 Report
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