Commercialisation Summit

About the Summit

This track focuses on strengthening best practices and systems for good research and commercialisation, ranging from national guidelines, institutions systems and programs as well as individual capacities and resources. Research to Commercialisation requires a wide range of skills and partnerships. The summit attempts to bring the players together and expose the various linkages that make commercialisation thrive. This is part of the ST&I, research as well as higher education sectors reform trajectory to exploit research and intangible assets as a substantive alternative source of revenue.

Target Audience

Researchers Institutional leaders from Universities, Research Centres, TVETS Innovation Champions Technology Transfer Officers IP Officers Entrepreneurs Innovation and Incubation Hubs Startups and SMEs
Thematic Track Leader

Agnes Tsuma

Manager, Innovation Commercialisation, KeNIA

On Day 2, the Commercialisation Summit will run concurrently to the other 5 summits.
Day 1 (6 Dec, 2022) will have sessions running in series in one venue (Plenary). The 6 tracks are accommodated running in series. View Day 1 on Main Programme

The Commercialisation Summit will run concurrently to the other 5 summits at KIW


  1. 1. To develop a National commercialisation policy.

  2. 2. To build capacity for protection and exploitation of IP by researchers and innovators.

  3. 3. To showcase innovations by researchers and innovators.

  4. 4. To empower Institutional leaders on how to guide, support and prioritise commercialisation.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Dissemination of National Commercialisation policy.

  2. Ability to protect and exploit IP by researchers and academic institutions.

  3. Creation of sustainable partnersips between learning institutions, research centers, and industry partners.

  4. Ability of Institutional heads to guide, support and prioritise business modelling around commercialisation.