Innovations in Public Sector Summit

About the Summit

The Innovations in public sector summit demonstrates the KIW's team appreciation that just as it is with private sector, innovation can be a major booster for productivity, improvements and cost savings in public sector. Innovating in public sector is seen as a critical element of economy-wide innovation performance. The summit will demonstrate examples of opportunities to develop stronger innovation policies and strategies relating to the public sector, the institutional conditions necessary for generating innovations and cases of innovations that are thriving in the sector.

Thematic Track Leader

Nekesa Were

Director of Strategy, Afrilabs

On Day 2, the Innovations in Public Sector Summit will run concurrently to the other 5 summits.
Day 1 (6 Dec, 2022) will have sessions running in series in one venue (Plenary). The 6 tracks are accommodated running in series. View Day 1 on Main Programme