Skills and Talent for Innovation Summit

About the Summit

Innovation Skills are vital, as the basic input to the diverse national innovation system. The summit focuses diagnosing the efforts and successes in diffusing the right skills including competence based curriculum, problem based approaches, design thinking, digital skills, innovation leadership, talent development, futuristics skills, the future of work and talent mobility. In addition, the summit explores mechanisms to breaking silos and building bridges between academia and private sector, Government, academia and informal sector.

Target Audience

Policy Makers Experts Influencers in the Sector Government Donors Key Stakeholders in the Space
Thematic Track Leader

Sheena Raikundalia

Director - UK-Kenya Tech Hub

On Day 2, the Skills and Talent for Innovation Summit will run concurrently to the other 5 summits.
Day 1 (6 Dec, 2022) will have sessions running in series in one venue (Plenary). The 6 tracks are accommodated running in series. View Day 1 on Main Programme


  1. 1. Showcasing Innovation

  2. 2. Startup Handholding

  3. 3. National Innovation Awards

  4. 4. Enhancing Interoperability

  5. 5. Mindset shift & Skills Development

  6. 6. KIW County Edition

  7. 7. Sustainable Startup Support Program

Expected Outcomes

  1. Recruitment and Training of Angel Investors

  2. Policy Announcement on tax rebates for individual and corporate investments in early stage startups

  3. Establishment of a private sector led National Innovation Fund backed by GOK

  4. Create awareness on the legal, administrative and digitization reforms which have been implemented to facilitate ease of doing business

  5. Link startups to local and international investors

  6. Launch of a live ecosystem map