Startup Kenya Summit

About the Summit

This track focused on startups from across the country, aiming to link the most promising startups to investors and funders. There are multiple support programs rolled out by Government, private sector and partners. Associations also provide coordination and support mechanisms. The Startup Kenya summit brings together all these relevant stakeholders to strengthen the startup movement. This is in line with KeNIA's mandate of developing and managing the national innovation system.

Target Audience

Angel Investors Kenya Revenue Authority Private Sector BMOs All KIW Delegates Startups Counties Venture Capitalists All ecosystem actors
Thematic Track Leader

Florence Kimata, HSC

Enterprise Development and SME Financing Policy Advisor


On Day 2, the Startup Kenya Summit will run concurrently to the other 5 summits.
Day 1 (6 Dec, 2022) will have sessions running in series in one venue (Plenary). The 6 tracks are accommodated running in series. View Day 1 on Main Programme