Students' Innovations Summit

About the Summit

This track focuses on various efforts by students to create products and enterprises that address challenges in society. When well guided, students in high school and college, have potential to create user-centered, disruptive innovations that have the potential to impact people and society. This summit will include partner organisations that support students' innovations, faculty and teachers and the actual innovators. Selected students will have opportunities to pitch their work and be inspired by industry leading experts and partners.

Thematic Track Leader

Eric Nyamwaro

Partnerships and Linkages Advisor, STEM Impact Center Kenya

Day 0 is the day before Day 1 of the KIW. Students' Innovation summit will run on this day.
Day 1 (6 Dec, 2022) will have sessions running in series in one venue (Plenary). The 6 tracks are accommodated running in series. View Day 1 on Main Programme